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Locals With Vocals

This Year, From October To December 2019, I decided to assemble a 6 week production called "Locals With Vocals."

Two simple goals drove this idea...

1 - I wanted to generate new business (DOLLARS) and attention to some of my resident pubs experiencing slow nights.

2 - I wanted to give exposure (SHINE) to just some of the talents that i've met at gigs or in network.

These two simple goals turned into a list of sub goals...and that's where the fun began.

Sub Goal: Have 5-10 new customers in bar spending at least $25 each, generating between $125-$250 for the venue before gratuities.

Result: FAIL - Out of 5 shows, I only met this goal on 2 occasions.

For next time, I can increase advertisment and lead time, more personal invites, check weather forecast, FB invites and follow up.

Sub Goal: Gather 5-6 pitch perfect talents to perform. These talents needed to be relatively unknown, have extraordinary vocals, local to Durham region, willing and available to perform, little to no experience in singing outside of karaoke.

Result: WIN - This was an easy task to accomplish. Everyone I approached was super receptive.

In future, I would like to give more lead time for performers to advertise and get more heads in, provide more input into song selection, provide additional performance guidance, develop bigger budget to pay singers more.

Sub Goal: Ensure an elevated performance experience for audience and performers.

Result: WIN - Working with a budget of almost zero dollars, I still pulled out my KfK flare, added more lighting, ensured sound and format were ok, added personality and surprise interview bits. Also scheduled shows PRIOR to karaoke events so not to interrupt scheduled time.

In future, I'd improve lighting and flare, increase social media coverage, improve video coverage.

Sub Goal: Provide a great experience and good exposure for artists.

Result: WIN - Although only one session had to be rescheduled to the new year, all other particpants let me know that they had a great time performing. Each artist received a talent fee for their 30 minute set. Some artists received new opportunities from the exposure as well as grew their own personal network.

For next time, I'd definitely want more coverage to capture their experience. Also as mentioned above, would want more of a talent fee to offer them. Would like to properly represent them for monetary gains for all parties as well.

One ongoing goal of this project and future ones is to extend the reach of my Kung Fu Karaoke brand and company. I'd like to take this form of night time entertainment and move it into the spotlight again. I vow to have it cross the boundaries from nightlife to everyday. I offer more than just karaoke entertainment and I need the world to see, know and experience that.

Anyway, this may have been a long read and probably not intended for all audiences, however, this vlog entry will act as my reminder and benchmark for future "like" events. I really love being able to create and execute on my ideas. It's definitely a benefit for owning your own small business. I do however, strive to be a stronger entrepreneur and business man to convert quality ideas into monetary results.

Ok, gotta go now...oh shit I forgot, how am I supposed to send this shit out?


A special shout out to performers: Matthew Duerden, Talal Jabeer, Pat Kearney, Chelsee Brown, Jacob Dunec, Art Vente, Mark Caballes, Eriks Sinson, Phil Pettigrew. Y'all are super special vocalists. Things will come together in the end.

Major thank you to: Kings Castle Bar and Grill (570 Westney Rd S Ajax) and Crazy Jack Bar and Grill (19 King St W Oshawa) for letting us perform and practice at your venues. Will pay off in future.

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