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My Small Business Survival Guide During Lock Down

Unprecedented times huh? My heart goes out to frontline essentials as well as families directly impacted by a loss to co vid. To my family, friends and colleagues, I miss y'alls presence. To the people I haven't met yet, can't wait to know you!

We will rise again.

Below are 5 things i've been doing to help my small business survive post co vid.

1. Mind Wide Open - One of the things I really enjoyed doing pre co vid was letting one of my colleagues take over a show while I sat back and experienced. In those times I was listening to learn what can be done different. Same applies to me in lockdown. I’m observing other online shows, reading books and articles, taking courses online, talking to schools to potentially enroll in, listening to feedback and taking time to notice reactions and my page analytics. I think it's as good a time as any to expand your knowledge, assess and plan to help you continue to build your business.

2. Be Uncomfortable - Let's face it, it's an uncomfy time for a lot of us. The good thing is that discomfort is an impetus for growth. I used to tell my team to "Be Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable" and it's still such an important mindframe. When you're uncomfortable, you tend to move and when you move, you go places. I look at parts of my business and get irritated at some of the things I did this time last year (or even last week lol.) "Ew, why did I do things like that?" "No, i'm not satisfied with that thing..." Even if there are some things I can't change at this moment, there are now more goals to get to and more levels to achieve. We will still have discomfort in the new world we go back to, prepare to adjust!

3. Be Like Water - I struggled a lot pre co vid in determining what was the right timing and amount of info to let out to keep a buzz and momentum going for KfK. "How Do I Keep My Audience Captive?" Well the truth is, right now, we're all captive. I find myself holding back and being more thoughtful on what I post and when. When shit started to hit the fan, I was one of the first to test out online semi interactive karaoke on March 13th. Since then, so many awesome performers and hosts have moved to an online format to share their art. It's awesome to see! It can be a bit overwhelming though, especially since schedules are non existent online and we can be on 24 hours each day! In an effort to not bombard, I decided not to go LIVE online regularly but I try to stay relevant and provide entertainment for my base in other ways. I also want to make sure they have a chance to miss this cute Filipino face (ha!) and infectious (bad choice of word right now) personality. Personally, I decided to make more content on YouTube to grow an international base. Water can flow or crash. I ain't out here trying to be a tidal wave right now. I just want to keep people hydrated.

4. Creating Stuff & Things - Somedays I find it hard to even lift a hand to scratch an itch. When creativity bites me though, it does not just pass. It's venom makes it's way through my every vein until I am poisoned with the need to innovate...the only antidote? Making Something. Creating Anything. A work of art, an ad, a song, a video, any idea that leads to a solution for a problem that i've suddenly become commissioned to resolve. Ugh, creativity can be a curse. It grabs a hold and doesn't let go. It is time though to cure that burden and put ideas into action. I have started work recording a new album, I have come back to tik tok (dammit), twitter, and youtube as creative outlets. I have also started to create new connections to expand my network of people to share and exchange with (thank you and hello new friends!) Whether it be human connections or virtual creations, we have the time right now to create. The world post co vid will look a bit different, so I think we too need to get ready to do things different as well.

5. I'm Just Resting My Eyes - If there was any time to stop and smell the's now. Mutha Nature found a way to get us to slow down, didn't she? I try not to feel bad when I need a break from taking a break. Sleep in. Recharge. Relax. Play vids. Binge watch. Do abso-freaking-lutely nothing. Get rested up to resume life again. Let's make it a good rest of life, shall we?

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