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Self Isolation = Low Motivation = Grumpy AF

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

It’s mid 32 in self iso/social distance mode.

Such crazy times. The more I’m isolated, the harder it is to be motivated to do anything!

To better understand this, I go back and examine Maslow‘s Hierarchy of Needs. This is where I begin to realize the reason behind my current lack of motivation.

I can’t seem to complete anyth...

And finally...I know we are trying to maintain a sense of normalcy but I honestly feel like some people are living in la la land right now. I don’t know if it’s “toxic positivity” ignorance, coping techniques or just plain old self centred-ness but I see so many “tone deaf” posts out when this is all done, it’ll be all done? It won‘t, it’s crazy, it’s a new reality...shouldn’t we acknowledge that more and become something new? When it's all over do we just pretend like nothings happened and then wait until it happens again?

Anyway...whatever...I just find it hard to be happy and smile nowadays and feel that people who go on like nothing's really different by posting happy vids, carrying on at work like nothing's different, still boasting about being out and about, posting the same old trivial problems they posted about before, going LIVE everyday, trying to make money online, joking around and not acknowledging the crisis come across as disingenuous and vulturistic (that can't be a real word..)

One day, this time that we are currently living in will be examined closely in the history books and I hope that the replays of the human response won't just be a 5 minute video of tik toks #challenges and useless ass copy and paste fill in the blank chain letter posts that are rampant on social media right now.

Ugh...why am I so irritable right now? Someone get me a snickers (dammit, i'm allergic to peanuts...)

I don't know...maybe misery loves company. I'm sorry. But seriously though, let's see more of those big humanity type movements...let's see some more creativity, more original art, more accomplishing shit...more honest feelings about probably one of the saddest times in the entire world's history as some of us know it. I's just all the same on social media right diluted, so generic, so uninspiring. I'd rather post a little bit of something rather than a whole lot of nothing.

Geeze, SMILE, AJ.


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