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Swipe Right, You’re Hired!

From the courting phase when you’re recruiting a potential employee, to the honeymoon phase when best feet are forward, the hiring process reminds me a lot of the dating scene. Let me me know if you agree!


Whether you’re back on the market after leaving a toxic situation or you‘ve outgrown what once was your “perfect“ match, you’re logging on to an app to see what’s out there. It could be Tinder or LinkedIn but with both, you’re swiping right or left trying to fill a void in your life at that moment. “I’m just looking for a friend with benefits.”. “Hey, hopefully this job offers some good benefits!” “Ooh I can see myself growing old with her!” “Oooh this one offers a pension!”


You’ve found your date lookin like a piece of candy (candidate, see what I did there...) You’ve mutually decided on a time to meet for the first time. You’re nervous and dressed to impress. “So, tell me a bit about yourself!” Recruiting, as in dating, is an opportunity to see if you’re compatible. “Does this person have what I‘m looking for right now?” You‘re both showing off your best version and stretching the truth a little bit. No one wants to raise any flags. Flirt, flirt, humble brag, humble brag, my weakness is being a know the cheesy lines.


After a successful first date or in most cases, several additional interviews, a decision is made. Let’s face it, usually there’s one person that is more the pursuer and the other that makes the final call on letting you aboard. “Hey, let’s be exclusive.“ or “I think I’d like to see other people right now.”

You’ve gone through a rollercoaster of emotional ups and downs, fell in love with the idea of each other and ultimately a decision has been made if you’re staying together or parting ways. Congratulations if you’ve found “the one!” Hopefully you can look forward to many years together! On the other hand, don’t you worry if it didn’t work out. You just weren’t meant to be at this time. “It’s not you, it’s me.” There’s plenty of fish on indeed.

Good luck and enjoy the process!


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