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Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Since you passed, I think about you all the time. This new website, my new business's dedicated to you. You introduced me to the Martial Arts and Bruce Lee, to Elvis Presley and Music. I love you so much pops and miss you like crazy. We all do. I'll carry on your voice, your ambition, your foolish positivity and the ability to instantly disarm people with charm. Your ability to be all inclusive, your capability to love even people that aren't capable to love back. All these characteristics you've passed down to me and i'll continue to apply them to this world and the people in it. You used to tell people "Don't Worry About It" and my version of that has become "I'll take care of it." I'll always be your sidekick. I've become a "cowboy" in some ways, just like you. Ride with me Dad. I'm gonna continue to positively impact people and i'll do some great things in this life before I get to see you again one day. Love you dude. This one's for you.

Your Junior,


R.I.P. Antonio Dofitas Lusaya April 1943-July 2019

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