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Where Your Manners At? Karaoke Etiquette 101.

Over 500 shows under the belt...I have just 5 guidelines that ALL karaoke goers should keep in mind when out for a night of karaoke fun!

1 - TREAT THAT MICROPHONE LIKE YOUR BABY! No banging on it to check it! A simple "mic check, one-two, one-two" will do. Do not swing that microphone! Do not drop that mic! If you treat a baby like any of the above...i'm calling CAS. Jokes aside, someone paid money for all that equipment...please don't break!

2 - DON'T BE MAD, BRO. I DON'T HAVE THAT SONG. Believe it or not, not EVERY song is created in karaoke format. Don't be blaming your host for not having all Post Malone songs available to sing to.

3 - CUPPING THE MIC MAKES YOU SOUND BAD. I get looks cool. Just know, your host cannot properly mix your voice and levels when the mic is cupped.

4 - LET THE HOST WORK. When your KJ (Karaoke Jockey) is mixing and levelling a song, he has to listen to what's going on with each singer. It's not the best time to strike up a conversation about yourself and the things you like to eat on your pizza.

5 - AGAIN, LET THE HOST WORK! Remember, your karaoke host was hired to take care of the night for you and the venue's guests. It's their show that night. They've mentally and physcally prepared to do things a certain way. Unless planned from the start, they have not prepared to have a back seat host, they weren't expecting a guest sound engineer and definitely did not want you to grab the host mic or get on their equipment without expressed consent. Let the host shape the show as they see fit...if they fuckin up, simply give them feedback and let them adjust for you!

Anyway...hope this is helpful. I know I am feeling the need to reinforce some of these rules to ensure I have control of the shape of my brand for my team and I. Vibe high yall!


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